With the changing of the seasons comes a time for change in our skin regimes. With the arrives of the warmer months, it’s time to replenish and protect our skin, all day, every day!!

Overexposure to the environment causes 90% of skin damage. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Marine Algae, Wheat Germ Extract, Apricot oil etc, prevent cell & tissue damage, protect DNA structure and protect the immune system. This is achieved by counteracting or blocking the damaging effects of free radical activity, for example:

Vitamin E protects the cellular membrane, wheat germ extract has a large Vitamin E content.

Vitamin C regenerates Vitamin E, after its initial interaction with free radicals and Superoxide Dismutase, (an enzyme) that can serve as an inhibitor of free radical production and free radical scavenger.

Marine Algae can also be included in anti-free radical activity action on the skin’s immune defence.

Just to name a few!

Antioxidants support the immune system, however our skins need more support than antioxidants alone.
Growth factors are complex proteins that play important roles in the maintenance, repair and remodelling of the skin. Research tells us that, as we age the number of available growth factors declines, which means our immune system declines along with them.

In the past growth factors used in skincare have been made from bacteria and not bio-identical to the ones found in our skin.

The next decade will see a rapid increase in the use of stem cells to replenish the skins growth factors.

It’s never to late to start protecting your skin!

– Lee Forrester