Alpha Hydroxy Acids – how do they work?
Alpha Hydroxy Acids work by exfoliating the skin causing the surface skin cells to ‘slough off’ to reveal newer, less damaged skin cells beneath – skin care resurfacing.

Why use Arbré AHA’s?
Many products containing AHA’s only use one or two types of alpha hydroxy acids. Arbré have developed a range of products that contains three (3) different
variants of AHA’s designed to offer a complete and effective treatment.

Arbré Fruit Extracts with AHA’s

Each acid has a different molecule size, they work better as a harmonious formula. Thus the treatment has instant and long term benefits.

What does Arbré Fruit Extracts AHA’s do?


Arbré AHA’s  Professional Skincare Program

Ask your beauty therapist about this safe, results driven treatment!

Arbré Fruit Extracts range combines naturally soothing fruit extracts with a unique blend of lactic, citric and glycolic acids to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin for a fresh even complexion.