Fantastic for relieving anxiety and stress.

Arbré professional Spa treatment products go way beyond flowers and essential oils. They have been formulated using additional high performance actives rich in minerals, trace elements, seaweed, enzymes and plant extracts. We extracted these from the sea, the earth and plants to create a selection of products and professionally designed treatments to deliver real results and personal enjoyment.

With the Arbré Spa range you can offer your clients a deluxe selection of exclusive body care and professional spa treatments to provide an intense full body experience. Arbré treatments tone, deep cleanse and purify every inch of the body by using natural actives, including: kelp for deep cleansing, honey for traditional healing and nutra oil for lubrication and soothing, combined with highly effective herbal extracts and essential oils such as eucalyptus, rose, lavender and sandalwood.

Clients can lay back, de-stress, relax, feel rejuvenated and enjoy the Arbré Spa experience.