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I have just received my products and the decor etc. thank you so much. Once again, Arbré has been fabulous to deal with and I could not be happier with my service. The package is fantastic and I would like to thank ARBRÉ for the assistance you have provided me with the opening of my new salon! I have attached some photos of the new salon for you to have a look at, I couldn’t be more proud of it! I also received the invitations and have them sent out, so fingers crossed the opening night is a hit! Thanks again,
Lisa M (NSW)

Arbré has over 30 years of professional education & training expertise.

Professional products

As the health and wellbeing of your clients skin is our key concern, Arbré prides itself on being a manufacturer that uses only quality approved ingredients and techniques. Arbré products are formulated using key natural and organic ingredients in conjunction with advanced technology. The result, is a range of skin care products of exceptional quality, effectiveness and that deliver real and noticeable results.

Professional treatments

Arbré has an extensive range of professional designer treatments ranging from luxurious, relaxing and indulging treatments, to intense specialty treatments for all skin types including dry, oily, combination, sensitive, acne, sun-damaged and to combat the signs of ageing skin.

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Professional education

At Arbré we recognise the essential role that professional education and product knowledge plays in being a professional therapist and in offering clients the best possible service.

Business expertise

With more than 30 years of professional education, research and sales & marketing experience in the professional salon & spa industry, we have the skills and experience to support you in developing your business.

As well as producing a comprehensive range of innovative, high quality and effective skin care products, we fully understand that the success of a salon is not reliant solely on the brand of products it uses. One of the main issues salons & spas face in today’s ‘see-sawing’ economic environment is not only what products it uses, but like every other business, how do I generate and promote my business cost effectively, and how do I ensure that the clients I service today remain my clients tomorrow.

Arbré has developed a business solution, offered free to our clients, that simply and professionally assists salons & spas to promote their business, services, products, and most importantly, ways to generate new clients and maintain existing ones. Our aim is to work with salon owners to assist them to develop and grow their businesses through every avenue of contact with their customers. We call this service the Arbré Client Relationship Management Solution and it provides salons & spas with client relationship management programs, personalised promotions, and marketing and sales assistance.

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