Arbré specialise in short and long run white label manufacturing at competitive pricing.

We have become a trusted name since 1990 in the development, formulation and production of high quality and effective personal care products designed for the Australian and international markets.


Research and development

Arbré works closely with our clients to develop modern formulations, using the latest raw materials available to produce unique products for our customers.

We also work with our customers on unique packaging requirements so the formulation and packaging work nicely together.

Identify (what is required)

Develop (using proven manufacturing techniques)

Implement (from formulation to compounding and filling)

Revaluate (then start production )



Hot Strip Microwavable Cartridge


Moisturisers Ampules Pre and post waxing products

Body lotions Massage Specialty waxing products

Body washes Spa products

Exfoliants Specialty salon treatments Cleaning products


Research and development

Packaging design and production

Quality management


Export requirements

“I’ve been using Arbre for contract manufacturing for my product for the past 18 months. 

The manufacturing facility is state of the art, clean, organised and run in a totally professional manner. 

The staff are always helpful, friendly and go out of their way to help and get the work done.

I also love the fact their factory is only 5 minutes off the freeway – an easy drive with plenty of parking.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke and his team to any business wanting to have their product range made and expanded with Arbre. “


“I have been dealing with Arbre since approx 2010 and they have been making my depilatory wax and skincare washes/lotions for my salon. 

The manufacturing has been carried out to my specifications and deliveries have always been on time.

I can fully recommend Arbre for any contract manufacturing. They are very friendly to deal with and will always listen to your needs.”


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