SUPER OXIDE DISMUTASE – enzyme that serves as an inhibitor of free radical production and a free radical scavenger. It helps prevent drying and aging of the skin without causing irritation.
LIPOSOMES – Their compatibility and affinity with cellular membranes allows them to be easily accepted and metabolised by the skin and deliver actives to the skin. They help reduce trans-epidermal water loss, thereby improving a dry skin condition giving the skin smoothness. They are filled with anti-ageing actives and antioxidants.

Cosmetic Application
Treatment with S.O.D will leave the skin looking radiant and smooth. The body’s decline can be tied to the damaging effects of free radicals; these radicals form naturally as extra electrons adhere to approximately 5% of inhaled oxygen atoms. Free radicals can damage the cell’s DNA as well as breaking down cell membranes through the formation of lipid peroxides (fat or fat like substance e.g. esters of a higher aliphatic acid organic compounds in which carbon atoms form open chains not rings). Arbré SPD helps fight against the environmental factors which can damage the skin.