CEDARWOOD – credited with antiseptic sedative and astringent properties. It is excellent for acne and oily skins and reputed to be helpful in cases of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.
JUNIPER BERRY – beneficial for treating acne prone skin. Extracted from the plant berry.
CHAMOMILE -considered to be non-comedogenic and is well documented for its properties of calming, soothing and refreshing particularly when used as an anti-irritant.
BERGAMOT – is fresh, lively and citrus-like, has an uplifting quality, which has been traditionally used to allay anxiety. It is antiseptic and anti-bacterial.
CAMPHOR – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cooling, refreshing and stimulating to the blood circulation.
MACADAMIA – its fatty acid composition is similar to the major fatty acid composition of the skin sebum. Nourishing on mature and dry skin, due to its palmitoleic oil content.