LIVE YEAST CELL DERIVATIVE (L.Y.C.D.) AND HYDROLYSED WHEAT PROTEIN – This unique product is a multi-function extract derived from live yeast cells. When a living cell is injured it produces a variety of protective substances in order to pacify the effects on the injury. This is the principle which allows the production of O2 Lift, to work in its natural manner and act as an internal moisturiser. The Hydrolysed Wheat Protein adds fullness and firmness for a more youthful looking skin.

COSMETIC APPLICATION – Live Yeast Cell derivatives have undergone a great deal of attention over the years for its ability to promote wound healing. L.Y.C.D. also has the ability to increase collagen and elastin synthesis. O2 Lift may be considered to be a unique internal moisturiser, which plumps up the skin by increasing moisture uptake by nascent (new) proteins and increases oxygen utilization.