Liposomes by definition can be described as a tiny bubble (vesicle), when the bubble comes into contact with the surface of the skin, it breaks and delivers its contents, once the membrane ruptures, it seals to the skin surface, helping to hydrate it. Cosmetic companies have begun using liposomes, because of their unique ability to provide cells with critical nutrients and the nourishment necessary to promote collagen production.
They deliver nutrients directly to ageing cells and have been shown to improve skin hydration, reduce fine lines, diminish wrinkles and improve overall texture of the skin. This makes Liposomes an excellent choice for skincare products.

Liposomes do more than just deliver moisture to the skin, when the seal breaks the nutrients form an occlusive layer adhering to the skins surface, delivering active ingredients into the skin, therefore protecting the cells from external stressors, such as sun or sweat. As liposomes can penetrate the lipid barrier of the skin, they are able to deliver the encapsulated ingredients from the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis) to the lower layers of the epidermis. Many actives do not get this far, due to their inability to penetrate the lipid barrier (surface sebum).


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