Arbré has developed a business solution, offered free or at minimal cost to our clients, that simply and professionally assist salons and spas to promote their business, services, products, ways to satisfy clients and back the business. Our aim is to work with salon owners to assist them to develop and grow their businesses through every avenue of contact with their customers. We call this service the Arbré Client Relationship Management Solution and it provides salons and spas with client relationship management programs, personalized promotions, and marketing and sales assistance.

As well as producing a comprehensive range of innovative, high quality and effective skin care products, we fully understand that the success of a salon is not reliant solely on the brand of products it uses. One of the main issues salons and spas face in today’s ‘see-sawing’ economic environment is not only what products it uses, but like every other business, how they generate and promote my business cost effectively, and how they ensure client service.

Arbré is here to help, not to handle.