Last September we made a fantastic introductory offer on both machines. Salons and salon clients are very happy with the machines. We worked with a salon to improve both the business and clients expectations. A big target was set, 50% increase for professional salon services and personal care for the first three months. The results were stunning, in two months the sales were up 30% with 100% re bookings. It was shaping up to look like exceeding the 50% target by the end of the three months. We did not get to the end of the three months as the salon decided that they wished to keep the salon at a size that did not require hiring more staff. This was their decision which we respect.

What the exercise showed and proved is you can increase your clients’ satisfaction and increase salon prosperity.

All  equipment is made and serviced in Australia. Please contact us if you are keen to build client care, services, satisfaction and your prosperity.

Arbré Galfrad Machine