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Marine masque
Price: $38.50
Purifying masque
Price: $33.00
Sensitive masque
Price: $33.00
This soothing, deeply hydrating wet cream mask is specifically formulated to hydrate the most sensitive, dry skins. Formulated with naturally derived Pharmaceutically Grade Carbon, that assists in drawing impurities from the skin. Absorbs excess oil, surface debris, deep cleanses pores and ... Cream based, non-drying masque to hydrate, calm, soothe and refine delicate and sensitive skin.
Dry masque
Price: $33.00
A smooth, non-drying, firm cream masque specially formulated to boost moisture levels and revitalise dry tired skin requiring a pick-me-up. A drying masque incorporating natural ingredients from plant extracts, including Sage Extract, Birch Leaf, Colts Foot and Horsetail. Assist...
A nourishing, soothing cream mask formulated to refine, enliven, nourish and assist in improving skin texture and hydration.